StreamOS connects to the multitude of tools and data sources in your finance stack.

It manages all read and writes while providing clear visibility to data and connectivity status. It provides granular control over data permissions ensuring only the appropriate data is moved through your system.


StreamOS normalizes data from various tools by normalizing and linking it, culminating in a unified and comprehensive view of your financial data.

This enables us to identify conflicts, update systems in real-time and manage changes across your entire stack effectively.


Automations empower finance professionals to streamline repetitive tasks, expedite data processing, and bolster accuracy, all while allowing themto allocate their time and expertise towards strategic decision-makingand analysis.

StreamOS lets you configure automations across tools in your system. Chain events together to create an end to end flow from source to destination.


Given the complexity and variety of stakeholders and systems of record in a financial transaction, it is likely that data can be out of sync.

StreamOS through its linked graph can easily identify inconsistencies across your system, present them to the user for easy correction and push those changes to impacted sources. Make reconciliation in-process and not post-fact.


StreamOS stores a unified view of all your finance data.

Connect databases, BI, reporting and forecasting tools to ensure accurate data to downstream systems.

Moreover, you can conveniently view comprehensive audit trails of every action performed across your entire system, facilitating effortless introspection and investigation whenever required.